<span style="color:rgb(191,144,0);height: 556px;"><b style="color:rgb(191,144,0);height: 556px;">F</b></span>or more than 10 years now we have been the leading Thai/European/Scandinavian, private holiday resort and service centre in Ao Nang, near the town of Krabi, combining Western standards with the best and most beautiful Thai qualities and architecture. Jungle Village is our private home as well, and all guests receive a welcome as our private guests in their second home in Thailand.You will find that our Scandinavian management and specially trained staff + our full-package service programme offer you completely new holiday standards for your stay in Thailand and will guarantee you the best possible value for your money from low to medium budgets! <p><b><span style="color:rgb(191,144,0);">W</span></b>e offer you high quality, fully equipped bungalowsand apartments + a comprehensive, complete service programme that you will find nowhere else (more comprehensive and complete than you think) ? all of it at very reasonable prices. We always give you more than you expect</p><p></p>

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